Art Therapy


The holidays have come and gone. During the holidays we were all looking for gifts for others and running around. During that time of year and all times of year, remember to take care of yourself. Self-care is a very important part of our mental...

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The world is full of so many stimuli. People, traffic, buildings, talking, internet, phones, tv, computers, noise, music oh my! Who AM I? How can I know myself? How can I be more self-aware? Answer: In the silence Let the quiet consume you Be...

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Mindfulness Art Ideas

Mindfulness is a state of nonjudgmental awareness of what’s happening in the present moment, including the awareness of one’s own thoughts, feelings, and senses. When thinking about past, present, future, mindfulness is focusing on your present...

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Therapy: A Commitment

Do you take me to be your therapist? Do I take you to be my client? Although we are not reciting wedding vows, I believe therapy is a commitment. I would like to discuss a little about the therapist and client relationship and the importance of...

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