Being a Mom

When I was 4, I decided that I wanted to become a nun. I also wanted 12 cats, dogs, children and to marry my Uncle Harold. My mom told me that I couldn’t marry my uncle, and nuns are usually grade school teachers, at least the Franciscans were. I...

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Family Yoga

I started family yoga with the 3 younger grandchildren. Hope (13 years old) is our leader. She really shines when we are practicing yoga. She is beautiful and graceful. Best of all she is able to encourage her brother, Tysean (2 years old). While...

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Yoga Nidra/IREST

The practice of IREST is a complimentary tool in conjunction with behavioral health therapy. My Story My uncles Frank and Dan served several tours in Vietnam. Uncle Dan was held captive and was tortured during his last tour. Uncle Frank was a...

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When Your Job Gives Back

Today’s a happy day. It took me a minute to realize, but now I can see it’s perfect. Saturday mornings are my favorite of all, and though I love my sleep I’ll happily cut it short and go into the office. This is quickly becoming...

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I Found My Brother!

There are many things that sparked my interest since I was able to read. So much so that I read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica by 4th grade. I started working on a book about the history of violins and those who made them by 5th grade. I...

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Find your medicine and use it

When I was a little girl, I was known as the block crybaby. I would cry about every slight, real or imagined, and go home and sulk. My mom would look at me and say, “get over yourself, get your butt outside and play.” I would plead my case on...

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