“Doubt kills more dreams than failure.”

I belong to an on-line prayer community and often receive catchy little tags like this one. Usually I read them, think a moment or two about it and then let them go off into the universe. But this one stayed with me. There were several things that nagged at me.
The first was that it was such a true statement, yet I would bet that most people do not even realize it. I would imagine that many people would call it being responsible. For instance, if I have a dream to open my own business and it would require a leap of faith, I may say to myself…”If I put all this time and money into the dream I would be taking away from my family. It wouldn’t be fair to risk everything and put my family in harms way.” I suppose there is truth in that statement, but could there be another way to pursue your dream and not go bankrupt? How many different avenues do you have for making this dream come true?
The next thing that nagged at me was how sad it would be to not believe in yourself. That doubt says, “You can’t do this!” “Who do you think you are to go after these kinds of things?” “You are not realistic about what is needed to make your dreams come true.” These negative statements are shame talking and bringing you down. They try to convince you that if you do not even try then you have no chance of failure and getting hurt. But the problem is that without trying it is impossible to succeed. Sure, you fall on your face but what it you don’t? If you do fall on your face, are you willing to learn something from the experience and move one by improving how your going to make that dream come true.
The last thing was that when I thought about those around me that decided to go after their dreams, I only see people who are content with their life. Perhaps their dreams are not fully developed but they are on the right path and enjoying the journey. Those that are unhappy with their lives are those who are hesitant about jumping and dreaming about a life well led. A life full of the things that make them happy. A life with a purpose. That is what dreams are. Purposeful lives well led that are filled with happiness and passion.
What dreams do you have? Have you done anything to help them come true? What can you do to help yourself move one step closer to seeing that dream come to life?

Until next time….
Change. Discover. Transform.
Carla Carter, Ed.D., LCPC, CMPC, EMDR Certified

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