Escape from the killer doughnut!

Food should be a source of fuel. It should power us to do the things we need and ant to do. However, there are so many other facets to food that it becomes overly complex. I recently gave a talk on food addiction. In this talk I referenced that there are many people who do not think any one could even be addicted to food. Thankfully there is more research out there now demonstrating and providing evidence that one can really be addicted to food.
So what do you do about that? It is a mind game not a food thing. Food addiction has nothing to do with food. It has everything to do with how we use food to numb ourselves. So to begin tackling the addiction, one needs to begin to change how we think about food and respond to it’s use. This is often attached to weight loss and the struggles that come with realizing that it is a lot more than simply calories in versus calories out.
Beck Institute ( has a great program that helps to deal with the cognitive aspect of weight loss and overcoming food addiction. Here are some things to consider:
1. Advice to a friend: If my best friend were discouraged, disappointed, or dismayed, what would I tell him/her?
2. Eat mindfully: I need to eat slowly and mindfully while sitting down—EVERY SINGLE TIME.
3. It’s not okay: It’s NOT OKAY to eat this. I’m going to be very sorry if I do.
4. Give myself credit: I deserve credit EVERY TIME I exercise. I deserve credit EVERY TIME I practice a dieting skill. I deserve credit EVERY TIME I stick to my plan.
5. Enrich my life today: I need to work toward developing a rich and rewarding life—right now.
6. Resistance habit: EVERY TIME I eat something I’s not supposed to, I strengthen my giving in habit. EVERY TIME I don’t give in, I strengthen my resistance habit.
7. Celebrate: I should celebrate each half-pound loss!

Until next time….
Change. Discover. Transform.
Carla Carter, Ed.D., LCPC, CMPC, EMDR Certified

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