Family Interventions

I remember seeing a commercial for a show that was to air on Oprah’s network. I think it was Lisa Ling’s Our America. What stood out for me was a mom holding her four year old son and telling Lisa that she can understand how her son got to be 100 pounds at this age. At that time I remember thinking…Not by himself. Children do not go shopping nor do they do the cooking. That food he is eating is coming from someplace. I also remember thinking that it was obvious that this mom loved her son but did not know what to do. She was obviously showing her love with food. At this rate she was going to love him to death. Literally.

Then Saturday I was sitting in a bagel place having coffee with a friend. A family came in and they were all very much overweight. The mother was large. The father was about 20% larger. The son, about 20 years old, was about 20% larger than the dad. All three ordered basically the same thing. I immediately thought about the things we pass onto our children. In this case, as with my first example, the families are passing down obesity.

After seeing this family and recalling the other family, I thought that it would be so useful to have in home health assessments. Each of these families could benefit from someone coming in and looking at the basics areas that would indicate overall health and wellness. What kind of foods are in the house? How are foods cooked? How often do they eat out? How much exercise do they get? How much time do they spend in front of a TV, computer, or some sort of video game? How well do they sleep?

Can you image if either family had an objective assessment of these things and then was taught how to make changes to increase their health and wellness? We could begin seeing families making healthy changes that will prolong their lives, reduce health care costs, increase productivity at school and work.

My brain is starting and I can see this as important service. Just watch out, you never know when I get things together to actually offer it!

Until next time….

Change. Discover. Transform.

Carla Carter, Ed.D., LCPC, CMPC, EMDR Certified

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