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Art is everywhere! No, you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on art supplies to make art. Being out in fresh air, walking and exploring, is very healthy for us. Many therapists encourage clients to walk, get out of the house, and exercise. But, did you know while doing this you can also be creating? Yes! Let me tell you about the awesome ability to create found object art or art in nature. The world can be our canvas and we are the artists.
Many people love being out in nature. They find it relaxing and meditative. Even natural endorphins are released while we are moving our bodies. This idea can be used for individuals to do while walking. It can be a benefit for the therapist and client to find objects while taking a walk during their session. I have also run a group where I took many clients out and then back to the facility to make art from what they gathered on the walk. This concept can take many different approaches, but the most healing aspect is not only getting out in nature but allowing oneself to be creative in the process. It allows even those with no formal training or money to get out and be creative and make something.
We need to look at the things around us in a different way. Grass can be made to tie together as string or it can be hair on a portrait. Dirt can be used as paint when mixed with water. Rocks can be painted. Rain water can be collected to use to mix the dirt for the painting. You may find other objects that were once discarded that can be made into something else, or you can take a picture of it. On your next walk, I encourage you to look around and find things, collect them, and when you get home see what you can make.
Here are some personal examples of something I created from nature and two photographs I took while being outdoors.

I would love if anyone would like to photograph and share what they made from their next walk below.
Create, educate, inspire.
Katrina Kurtz, MA., LCPC, ATR

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