Just Shut Up!!! (I mean be quiet)

I’m reading a book titled “Shut Up about Your Perfect Kid”. I was completely drawn to the title, even though my children are far from perfect and I don’t like to say shut up. I usually say, “sorry not sorry, stfu”. Sorry not sorry, if that offends anyone. The main idea is that, yes, we love to hear about your perfect child. But, for Pete’s sakes, ask about ours as well. Don’t be afraid! We as parents of extra needs kids are also proud of the accomplishments that are kids with disabilities are making. The authors were scheduled to speak at a conference that I was going to be attending in Peoria, about (surprise!) kids with special needs. So, I looked them up online and they have a Facebook page, where parents get to brag about their imperfect kids. This page was a place where we parents could share stuff our kids are not so perfect kids are doing, such as hearing things not said, and not doing things that were asked. Now, I’m glad that your 11-month-old is running a half marathon next week. I’m happy that your kindergartener was nominated for a Noble Peace Prize, that your 8-year-old is doing an internship at Google in China. My kid can now clearly say “I’m standing on a pirate ship” versus when he said, “I stand on pile of shit”. My kid now sort of looks both ways when crossing a busy street. My kid can now put away the dishes independently, without asking 305 times, “where does this go”? You get the idea, right? Your kids are traveling each weekend to baseball games and are playing in the All-Star game. We travel to therapy appointments, and Special Olympics makes all our kids All-Stars. Your kid scored 35 points in a basketball game. My kid bowled a 103 game and got a gold medal, baby! So, take that! All I ask if that when you hare what your kiddo is doing, ask what mine is doing. It may be small to you, but it means the world to us.

Eva Savickas
A typical mom to “extra” special children

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