Online Learning

On-line Learning:

The first type of events we offer are FREE courses. Yep! I said free. We just ask that you register and we will send you the link needed to access the course on-line. These courses are generally short and contain a very narrow scope of information. They also are good places to start as you begin your journey. They can provide some fundamental pieces of information and help you in determining what other courses you may want to take. While they provide some foundational information they are not necessary to take before taking other courses. Click here to see what courses are FREE!

The rest of the courses have a fee associated with them. There are courses that are short term and can be worked through at your own pace in a matter of a few hours or a day. Other courses will be longer term. These longer term courses will sometimes be completely available for you to work through at your own pace. At other times the course will be set up so that each week you will receive the next lesson in the course. Click here to see what courses are available!

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