Too Much of a Good Thing can be Bad!

Sometimes due to life circumstances, children may have to pitch in a little more than they should. However, this should be rare, your last resort, and should not be the way it is forever. If you hit a rough patch and need your kids to pitch in more than they should, then it is your responsibility, as the parent, to let your child know that you realize that this is not the way that it should be. Let them know what you are doing to improve your situation and express and show your appreciation for their assistance. If you need to apologize, APOLOGIZE! But do not assign your child inappropriate responsibilities just because you need help. It is not their fault that you feel overwhelmed and need some assistance. It is not their responsibility to help you with your stuff.
Your child is not supposed to be the assistant parent. So, single parents, you should not give your children responsibilities just to make your life easier. Responsibilities should be assigned according to the age, maturity level, abilities, and overall appropriateness for each child.
Please remember, each child is different. Just because you were babysitting your younger brothers and sisters by age 10, doesn’t mean that your 10-year-old child should.

By: Amber C. Gardner, MA, LPC, NCC

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