What’s so special about special needs kids?

I am the mom of two young adults who are deafblind. Both my boys were born with vision deficits. They were diagnosed as hard of hearing when they were about two and three years old. I am not really getting the special needs label anymore. All children are special, and all children have needs. They need a lot of love, support, kindness, food, clothing, shelter, and life skills. I also have a “typical” daughter who is the oldest of the three. She hears, but never listens, lol. She had the same needs they did. The boys just needed extra. I taught my daughter to speak, to listen, to hear, to eat, to sit, crawl, stand, walk, run, etc. It just took her brothers longer to do that. They just needed extra help with hearing and speaking and seeing things. We teach our children that they are special and then they join mainstream society. There, they are taught that they are just like everyone else, no different. Equal rights, equal access, equal, equal, equal. Not special at all. I have taught my boys that they are just like everyone else. And I’ve told them that they’re not different. They just need different things to do what everyone else is doing. And I hope they know that it is ok to be extra. I just may need the world to see it that way too.

Eva Savickas
A typical mom to “extra” children

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