When Your Job Gives Back

Today’s a happy day. It took me a minute to realize, but now I can see it’s perfect. Saturday mornings are my favorite of all, and though I love my sleep I’ll happily cut it short and go into the office. This is quickly becoming family day, and I get the opportunity to take part in enjoying my family every week and now another family just came on the scene. My cousin, Amy, and her kids come in every Saturday without fail. Amy and I are only a few months apart and have known each other our whole lives. Our fathers were the youngest out of a family of 8, they slept in the attic, often exposed to the snow and rain from the holes in the roof. They watched Rocky and Bullwinkle with the rest of their siblings and mom, it was a religious experience that had a huge impact on their humor. All 8 kids were smart as a whip, and all 8 became the wonderful adults who helped shape Amy, myself and all the rest of our siblings, as well as countless cousins into the people we are today. When Amy comes in, her voice is the same one I would hear from my Godmother, Aunt Catherine, with a soft lilt that is kind, caring and accepting, with a sense of love, ease and compassion. My little cousin Michelle’s laugh is the same laugh as my dad’s, it’s bubbles up and explodes with joy. Big sister Joan, always willing to help her mom and sister out. Joan helped me set up a party recently and saw that I was kind of freaking out, without a second thought she gently rubbed my back and told me it was going to be ok, and it was! She is always there ready to help, without complaint, and man can she improvise on recipes that seem to be going south. Today Michelle picked up 2 stones saying they’re, “beautiful and unique”, after my heart stopped melting I told her she could have them. One was peacock ore, the other a beautiful tiger’s eye, she kept them with her, repeating the names after hearing them only once. Our classes are filled with joy, laughter and stories about are family. The girls always have exciting things to talk about. This class has not only served to deepen their connection as a family, it’s brought us all together as a family. Until this class, I forgot what that felt like. I am so thankful to have you in my life, and with my deepest gratitude thank you for allowing me to be part of yours.
Love you guys xoxo

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