Acknowledging and Rewarding Our Accomplishments Big and Small

No matter what job you have, no matter what task you complete, reward yourself! Often times in life we write a big to do list or we run around at home or at work mindlessly staying busy and at the end of the day we are exhausted. Do we reflect on our accomplishments? Do we think about the impact we made? Do we reward ourselves for a job well done? I encourage you to start doing so. A way to start this process of thinking is to make a list of things you enjoy big and small, for example your list can look like this
Going to the gym
Going on vacation
Seeing a friend
Calling a friend
Continue to think about all the things you enjoy big or small making this list as long as you possibly can. Then each day think about which one you can do to reward yourself for completing a task or finishing something. For example you may be at work and you finished typing a proposal, think about which reward you can give yourself for this accomplishment. You are at home and you finished cleaning the house think how can I reward myself? Start to think about all the things you do within a day and how you can incorporate and acknowledge the achievements you made.
Often times we can become robotic working, serving, helping, driving, going, and doing that we can be left feeling unfilled and tired. I want you to start to think of ways to build yourself up, to acknowledge all the things you did today or this hour or within this minute. Often times our “breaks” can simply be mental distractions like scrolling through our phones. Think about the times you may take breaks as a time to do something for yourself that you enjoy. As we get older into adulthood there are no teachers or parents or coaches to cheer us on or say “good job” so we have to start to learn to do this ourselves. You can become your own personal cheerleader. You have the power to make yourself feel good and proud of all you have done. I encourage you to acknowledge and reward yourself for all you do.
Create, educate, inspire.
Katrina Kurtz, MA., LCPC, ATR


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