Avoid These Red Flags

Interpersonal communication skills are the way we connect to other people. This could be done in small groups, larger groups, or one-on-one. It may even end up being in groups that are sized in such a way that you find it difficult to communicate at all. Delivering the message is more than just the words we use. Our non-verbal cues can make or break how the message is perceived. Looking at different research there are a number of non-verbal things we can do that send up red flags to those whom we are communicating to. These red flags are a sign of tentativeness, weakness, uncertainty, etc.

Avoid these Red Flags of interpersonal communication:
1. Weak or tentative handshake
2. Nervous giggle
3. Constantly apologizing
4. Closed posture
5. Inconsistent eye contact
6. Nervous gestures, twitching or rocking/swaying
7. Failure to speak up
8. Extensive vocal pauses (um, uh, like, ya know, etc)
9. Up tick…raising your voice at the end of statement that makes it sound more like a question.
If you can become aware of the ones you tend to do and make a conscious effort to change, your communication skills will improve and you will come across more confidently.
Until next time….
Change. Discover. Transform.
Carla Carter, Ed.D., LCPC, CMPC, EMDR Certified

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