I was working with my daughter on our Halloween party last week. We were discussing how we were going to have it inside since it will most likely be rainy and/or cold. I remember telling her that that when I was a kid that we always had great weather. I also never felt rushed. We seemed to have all the time in the world. She said I had old people memories. We say it was so much better. I got to thinking and I went through a bunch of photos and sure enough we all had on normal costumes without coats. I had year after year of photos. We seemed so relaxed and enjoyed posing for the camera. Halloween was a big deal. The first block was ours. We had to stop and take photos at each of our houses but then after that we were off trick or treating for miles all through town. I know we came in well past dark, dumped our candy on the table and start dividing it up by our preference. I don’t recall ever having to check it to be sure it was safe. My dad would make jokes about needing to sample the candy to ensure its safety as he ate 3 to 4 pieces of our stash. But that was just his way of getting his share.

When my daughter was little I made all her costumes so that if it was cold we could put a coat under her costume. I can remember trick or treating in a blizzard one year. I think she was 4 years old. The nasty weather seemed to be the norm for her trick or treat days. Another thing that seemed to be the norm was that parents went out with their children. It was rare to see kids out without an adult there. They also did not go out after dark. The towns started restricting the hours the kids could be out.

Now my grandkids are experiencing much the same but there are now so few people out and so few houses participate. We have decided to have a party to help augment this issue. I find it sad that the kids can not just go out and enjoy due to weather, safety concerns, village restrictions, etc.

I mourn the loss of those carefree days. Those days that even in sixth grade I was dressing up, entering contests, and for this costume won. I even had my photo in the paper. Do they even do that anymore? How can we allow our kids and grandkids experience life’s simple pleasures without fear?

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Carla Carter, Ed.D., LCPC, CMPC, EMDR Certified

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