Is There a Crack in Your Foundation?

It is critically important when building a house, the foundation is right. After all, the entire house sits on it. So, any mistakes that are in the foundation will only get worse as you continue to build on top of that faulty foundation. In architecture, it is known as compounding defects, which means that as you continue to go, the mistakes will grow. So, if you overlook the mistakes in the foundation, it becomes harder and harder to fix. Ensuring that you have a strong, solid foundation is worth it. A home built on a solid foundation is less likely to suffer damage when storms, earthquakes, tornadoes and floods arise.
Just as a solid house must have a firm foundation, so do children. Parents are the concrete in their children’s foundation. This foundation, as with any, is critical so that children will have something to stand on, from which to grow, and be able to build strong and healthy lives, mentally, physically and emotionally.
To provide a strong foundation for your children, you must be healthy yourself, in mind, body and spirit. It is imperative that you make yourself a priority by focusing on your own wellness to be able to be that firm foundation for your children. To do so, you should focus on the following:
1. Spiritual Wellness-have peace and harmony in your life
2. Emotional Wellness-be able to manage your own emotions effectively and not become overwhelmed by them
3. Intellectual Wellness-be able to learn new things and be open to new ideas
4. Social Wellness-have healthy social relationships and make time for social activities with other adults
5. Occupational Wellness-obtain fulfillment from your professional career or from other activities such as volunteering
6. Physical Wellness-maintain a healthy lifestyle by including exercise and good nutrition

By: Amber C. Gardner, MA, LPC, NCC

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