Jeannine Hasenfang, LCSW

Jeannine is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who obtained her master’s degree in Social Work from Loyola University in Chicago. Jeannine has 10 years of experience working in outpatient, inpatient and crisis settings. She works with clients in all stages of life from adolescents to aging adults. Jeannine works with clients in areas of depression, anxiety, mood disorders, self esteem concerns, adjustment difficulties, eating disorders, self-harm, life transitions, grief/loss and relationship issues.

Jeannine enjoys helping others reach their highest potential, and she sees therapy as a journey. Jeannine believes in fostering a safe environment for all her clients, taking a strengths-based and person-centered approach in order to meet each client where they are at. Jeannine knows it take two to create a comfortable and safe environment for exploring feelings, so she uses a collaborative approach and welcomes client feedback.

It is Jeannine’s goal to facilitate a supportive therapeutic relationship in which healing, insight and growth can take place. Jeannine respects that it requires both trust and a leap of faith to ask for support and looks forward to starting this journey with you.


Jeannine is available for new clients on Saturdays. Currently, she is only accepting self-pay payments.

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