My dog ate my homework!

My son graduated high school in May. His teacher gave him a summer work packet to keep him from falling behind over the break. He will be continuing with school, job training, learning more independent living skills, etc.… He has had a slow summer, so far only going to camp for one week, helping at my office a few hours here and there, and bowling on Wednesdays. No big vacations, or a summer job working 40 hours, lol. So, there is no reason we are here in mid-July, and not one page of anything has been looked at even. I asked him why he hasn’t started on it and he responded with it’s been too hot (we have air conditioning), I had to do laundry (he did 3 loads …once…), I am busy talking to my girlfriend (which is totally true), and finally that he forgot about it. He kind of sounds like me when my boss asks me where my article for the blog is…

Eva Savickas
A Typical Mom to Special Children

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