Powerless vs. Control

As a therapist I find we focus on many emotions in session. Many emotions can be linked to the feeling of powerlessness. Think about all the things that we experience as humans that are out of our control, such as car accidents, breakups, deaths, illnesses, children moving out of the home, divorce, job transfers, being fired, natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and the list goes on. When things like this happen, we are left confused, lost, hopeless, scared, sad and with many more emotions. So, what do we do when we are left feeling powerless? Answer: We focus on what we have control over.
You may be saying control over what? Here is a small list I found to be very helpful. In this list, one can start to recognize that you are not completely stripped away of everything as you once thought you were. I always encourage people to start with reading and recognizing some of the things on this list, and then start expanding it even further. Remember when you are feeling out of control, go back to what you have control over. Do not let others leave you feeling powerless. Even in situations that strike us without any rhyme or reason, I hope this list will bring you comfort. It is your life and you have control over a lot of things.

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Katrina Kurtz, MA., LCPC, ATR

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