Ways to enhance creativity based on what we are creating on

Often times we may pull out paper and a pen or maker and think what do I draw? Ugh I don’t know! White paper can be really intimidating and hard. Why? Because it is a blank surface, nothing, blank, white…where do I begin?
Here are some tips to combat the white sea of nothingness
1. Draw on colored paper (grey drawing paper is my favorite)
2. Create a shape onto the paper before drawing
3. Draw on newspapers or ripped pages of a book

These 3 tips I find to be most helpful to become more creative when wanting to draw.

1. The colored paper is easier to create images on. This is an example of the grey paper. Charcoal pencils or colored pencils work great on here as well as oil pastilles. You may find that drawing on colored paper will make it easier to get into a sketch or drawing rather than the blank surface of the white paper.

2. Creating a shape first onto a paper can also make the space seem filled. To the eye you already have a shape or box to draw into. The first example is of a circle someone drew first onto paper then filled art. The send image gives the idea of creating an image first then filling art in within that image. Next time you are looking to draw start with a shape add an image in or create an image and create art within it.

3. Creating art on book pages or newspapers is one of my ones. Since the book or newspaper is already filled with words all over the page you are not creating on a blank space. This is not intimidating to the eye to see blank paper but something already filled where you can draw over. Here are 2 examples of art over book pages. You can glue multiple book pages onto a large sheet of paper if you want to draw on a larger scale as you see in the second image it looks like 4 pages were glued together before creating the portrait of the woman.

Create, educate, inspire.
Katrina Kurtz, MA., LCPC, ATR

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